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Herbdo Natural Medicines is the solution to all your chronic health issues including cancer.

We are a medical foundation based in Bamenda that uses plants to treat chronic diseases including: cancer, hepatitis, fungi, veneral diseases, pile, diabetes and even HIV.

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About Us

Hebdo Natural Medecins, was founded in Bamenda Northwest region of Cameroon in january 2022. We are a medical foundation that uses plants to treat chronic diseases. The main brain behind the company is Bishop Jephthah; a herbalist, Naturopath, Medicinal plants researcher, and writer, who has the vision of bringing solutions to rare and chronic diseases and also innovate in the medical field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the provision of effective medicines and treatment of diseases. Nonetheless, the difference between us and most Health companies is that, our medicines are completely plant based and natural. The tenet that because plants are natural, they treat better is our chief belief. Our mission is to treat chronic and seemingly incurable diseases with herbal and natural medicines. We treat challenging illnesses like cancers, diabetes, hepatitis, sickle cell anemia, fungi, piles, HIV , etc.

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Our Products

Andacine- 50,000 XAF
Small bottle - 25,000 XAF
Treats: HIV
Cacerone- 50,000 XAF
Small bottle - 25,000 XAF
Treats: Cancers
Hepatine- 50,000 XAF
Small bottle - 25,000 XAF
Treats: Hepatitis, Hepatitis B
Fufenac- 25,000 XAF
Treats: Fungi and STDs
Debactine- 50,000 XAF
Small bottle - 25,000 XAF
Treats: diabetes
Blodan- 25,000 XAF
Treats: Sickle Cell Anemia and Anemia
Pilodine- 30,000 XAF
Treats: Piles
Liviatin- 45,000 XAF
Treats: Heart and Kidney Diseases
Gastine- 25,000 XAF
Treats: Gastric Ulcer and Gastritis

More About Caceron

How it works

Cacerone treats all types of cancers, even in the latter stages . It treats cancers by detoxifying the blood of toxins and infections that causes cancerous cells in the body.

Cacerone is an immunotherapy cancer drug that works by strengthening the cells and immune system so that they fight and eliminate cancerous cells in the whole body

Side Effects

Side effects: For the reason that Cacerone is purely herbal and natural, it has no adverse effects, except of a minor urine retention and increased appetite.

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Contact Us

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Phone / whatsapp : +237 657 08 75 27